♦ Only adult/ erotica genre books! ♦ No US only deals! ♦

How To Book A Slot:
Pick a slot, considering the schedule below, during which you will receive a social media shout out (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Your book will automatically be promoted in our newsletter on the same day.

8 am: Book of the Day (general promo All Erotica Genres)
10 am: New Release (All Erotica Genres ex. Dark Erotica)
12 pm: New Release (Dark Erotica)
2 pm: 99ct Bargain (All Erotica Genres ex. Dark Erotica)
4 pm: 99ct Bargain (Dark Erotica)
6pm: Freebie (All Erotica Genres ex. Dark Erotica)
8 pm: Freebie (Dark Erotica)

If you have booked a slot for free, there is no guarantee that your submission will be accepted.
We will guarantee your slot if you decide to pay for it at the end of the form, unless when you pic the wrong slot (see below), or don’t meet the our minimum requirements.

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